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one of my fav movies
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Paula Patton
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Review 2012 in a nutshell

Its been awhile since I blogged but in the midst of everything that going on in my life right now I figure this would be the best time. Currently going through the struggle of finals and it just reminds me of the struggle that I been facing this whole year. Lets break down 2012 officially the toughest year of my life. In the span of 1 year I literally got arrested, turned 21 and got hit with all the responsibility in the world, fucked my car up, build up a nice amount of credit card debt, and single handily basically kill my chances of graduating with a 3.0 while putting a crazy workload ahead of me for the future =(. Sitting here bumping max I know I done fucked up what I gonna do now? I’m trying make the necessary steps to correct my mistakes and turn everything around for 2013. One thing I can say is throughout all of my PROBLEMS I still truly am blessed. I have my beautiful mother and sister and not to mention both my grandmothers in good health. Plus I have my close friends back home(shoutout rome and shack) and my fraternity brothers at school to hold me down. However, I gotta change my habits now because if I don’t I’m end up in a deeper hole. Get your shyt together B!!!!!!!!!

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free the wave
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Joey Bada$$ - FromdaTomb. “so what is like…”

this is cool.
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this is why i say black women are the goddesses of the earth, shes a queen
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Found this #Vintage item Shout outs @Souljaboy (Taken with Instagram)
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